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Stone circles in Jordan – are they memory spaces?

Thank you to all the people who have pointed me to this news story on LiveScience and asked my opinion about whether they are memory spaces in the way I believe the British circles to be. [click on the image for the … Continue reading

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Arts Victoria grant for Ancient Memory Spaces

Some days are just so significant they become milestones in your life. I have no doubt last  Wednesday will be one. An email arrived headed Arts Victoria funding outcome, and I could see the opening words “I am pleased to advise … Continue reading

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Non-fiction – I can’t let go of the spiders

My future books will be all about my research on orality, traditional knowledge systems and archaeology. There is so much to research and write that it will take more lifetimes than I have available. But that doesn’t mean that past … Continue reading

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Why rituals and belief? Why not knowledge?

I guess this is going to be my hobby horse over the next few years: Why are enigmatic objects always associated with ‘beliefs’ and nebulous ‘rituals’? Why not knowledge? Past Horizons is an archaeological journal often reporting very interesting finds. … Continue reading

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