The Memory Code – Table of Contents


The Memory Code is often referred to, by those asking me about it, as ‘your Stonehenge book’. I have no doubt that the ideas about the purpose for Stonehenge will attract much of the attention, but it is only one chapter in 12. So I have put the Table of Contents below so you can see the extent of the book. It covers more ground than Knowledge and Power in Prehistoric Societies, but without all the academic justification.

I have had a great deal of contact in recent weeks from the memory community, including memory champions on three continents! I have also been asked to write an academic essay for Rounded Globe on indigenous memory methods and implications for contemporary thinking. It will be titled Grounded: indigenous knowing in a concrete reality and free for all. This is part of the move for academics to communicate beyond the expensive academic journals and paywalls. Taxpayers pay for the research – taxpayers should have access to it.

The Memory Code will be published in Australia by Allen & Unwin in July, and by Atlantic Books in the UK and Pegasus Books in the US early next year. The audio rights have also just been sold, so I’ll update here when all the paper work has been done. Allen & Unwin are working extremely hard on my book, and I am delighted by everything they have done.



Chapter 1  –  Encyclopaedic memories of the elders

Chapter 2  –  Memory spaces, large and small

Chapter 3  –  Memory spaces in a modern world

Chapter 4  –  A journey through time

Chapter 5  –  The ever-changing memory spaces at Stonehenge

Chapter 6  –  The megalithic complexes of Avebury and Orkney

Chapter  7  –  Newgrange and the passage cairns of Ireland    

Chapter  8  –  The tall stones and endless rows of Carnac

Chapter 9  –  The unparalleled architecture of Chaco Canyon

Chapter  10  Giant drawings on the desert floor at Nasca

Chapter  11  Memory spaces across the Americas

Chapter  12  Polynesian navigators create a unique world on Easter Island


Starting to book talks for 2016

I am just starting to book talks for this year – most will be after The Memory Code is launched on June 30. A talk in the Phee Broadway Theatre (the same location) will precede the launch by Mayor, Councillor Christine Henderson. Books will be available from Stonemans Bookroom who will be present in the Library foyer – near the nibbles and drinks! My last talk booked out. It is free, but bookings will be essential. I’ll update here when booking is available.

Tuesday 26 April, Castlemaine Garden Club: Spiders: learning to love them, Wesley Hill Market Hall, 7.30 pm. All welcome.

Wednesday 25 May, Castlemaine Rotary ClubMemory, Knowledge and Stonehenge, Cumberland Hotel, Castlemaine, 6.30 pm.

cover-The-Memory-Code-400LAUNCH of The Memory Code: Thursday 30 June, Castlemaine LibraryThe Memory Code, a talk followed by the launch. More details to follow.  6.00 pm.

Wednesday 31 August, Monash Indigenous Centre: The transmission of scientific and technical knowledge among small-scale cultures. Monash University. More details to follow.

Saturday 24 September, Sydney Skeptics DinnerThe Memory Code. More details to follow.

Saturday 26 November, Australian Skeptics Convention: The Memory Code, Melbourne University. More details to follow.


2015 Talks