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The Dwarfie Stane / Stone

Reader Jimmy Dalek wrote to me about one of my favourite places on the planet – the Dwarfie Stane on wonderful Orkney. The stane or stone (both spellings are widely used) is a huge block of red sandstone about 8.5 metres … Continue reading

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Rapscallions add character to aid memory

Characters make stories, and the information they encode, every so much more memorable. Very early in my PhD research, I became aware of the universal use of a pantheon of characters in all indigenous cultures. The ancient Greeks and Romans … Continue reading

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I memorised a shuffled deck of cards!

I really didn’t believe that I would be capable of memorising an entire shuffled deck of cards, but today I did it! It took 35 minutes to memorise the shuffled deck and then 25 minutes to reconstruct the order with … Continue reading

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