Indigenous memory systems

From the menu, you will find specific examples of Indigenous Memory Systems. I would love to write about them all, but no life is long enough! Below are links to examples, mostly sent to me by readers of my books. I will add more as soon as I get time. Love my readers!

Inuit carved maps
The carved maps of the Tunumiit culture of Greenland combine the two methods I use most: the landscape and handheld devices. This fascinating article, Greenland’s Hand-sized Wooden Maps Were Used for Storytelling, Not Navigation talks about the way their maps are used as mnemonic to knowledge, and also the way Inuit intellect was doubted for so long.

Another article on the Inuit maps can be found in this article: He’s Got the Whole Coast in His Hand by Raina Delisle.

In A World of Sound, Kyle Holton writes about the influence of colonisation on oral tradition from his first-hand experience of the Yao in Mozambique.

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