Books for education

I have published ten books for education, mostly focussing on enrichment for enthusiastic students in the sciences.

Practical Computing (co-author), Jacaranda-Wiley, 1987

Nuclear Technology (co-author), STAV Publishing, 1991

Lasers, Sunshine Books, 1994

Challenging Minds (Aus), Hawker-Brownlow, 1994

Challenging Minds (US), Prufrock Press, 1996

Mathematics by Computer: Iteration, Wizard Books*, 1996

Motion Kit: Simple Concepts in Physics, Wizard Books *, 1996

Sound and Light,  Wizard Books*, 2000

Maths Wizard, Wizard Books, 2000

Motion: Simple Concepts in Physics, Wizard Books *, 2001

Words and Images (co-author), Wizard Books *, 2002

* All Wizard Books publications are now published by Curriculum Corporation.

Multimedia CD-ROM:

Exploring Chaos and Fractals (co-author), Informit, 1994

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