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The Bestiary and Visual Alphabet

The Bestiary and Visual Alphabet consists of 73 original art works in high resolution.

This book offers two totally new memory devices based on medieval memory techniques. The Visual Alphabet is the starting point, a sequence of animals and human characters. It is used to make information memorable by adding vivid images to whatever you are trying to remember. The sequence is perfect for memorising speeches, lists or anything where the order is important.

The much more extensive Bestiary is used for memorising anything which uses words, especially people’s names. The Visual Alphabet gives a starting point for the first letter of a name, but the Bestiary offers the first two letters, so is a much more effective memory prompt. By imagining the beast interacting with the person as you chat, you will create an image which will point you to the name whenever you need it.

Print version
The Bestiary and Visual Alphabet is available as a printed A6 book – cute and portable, easy to memorise.
$15 (AUS)
approximately $10:50 (US).
Package and posting: $3 Australia, $10 elsewhere.

Book + Postage

The Bestiary and Visual Alphabet is also available as a PDF

Price $10 AUD.

When you order the PDF, I will be notified and I will send you an email giving instructions to download. Please email me at lynne @ (without spaces) if you don’t hear from me within 24 hours.

Presented with dubious quality poetry to look medieval, The Bestiary and Visual Alphabet is a practical memory tool for every day use.

Double page from The Bestiary
A double page from The Bestiary
Double page from the Visual Alphabet
Bestiary - hand held size
The print version showing size

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Grounded will be available soon as a PDF.

Coming soon:

Rapscali’s Tables in both e-book and hard copy.

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